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Three weeks before the move
a.. Gather together all the packing materials you will need. This includes:
b.. Packing tape
c.. Bubble wrap
d.. Styrofoam 'beads'
e.. Old newspapers
f.. Scissors
g.. Utility knife
h.. Packing string
i.. Rope
j.. Labels
k.. Marker pens
l.. Hand truck and/or dolly
m.. Plenty of boxes
n.. Start packing the items that you will not need over the next few weeks, e.g. extra linen or spare crockery.

Two weeks before the move

a.. Transfer all your bank accounts to new branch locations.
b.. Cancel all deliveries, e.g. newspaper, milk.
c.. Check on the arrangements for the new telephone service and other connections.
d.. Consider storing jeweler and valuables, including certain legal documents, at your bank during the move. Alternatively, set these aside to carry with you on the day of the move.
e.. Ensure your possessions will be fully insured during the move. If not, arrange for extra insurance cover.
f.. Contact the council where you are going to reside to find out about garbage pick-up, local regulations and other information.

One week before the move

a.. Return all library books and rented videos. Also don't forget to collect any dry-cleaning, shoes from the repairer or lay-bys.
b.. If necessary, arrange a babysitter for the day of the move.
c.. Tidy up the garden and outside area.
d.. Arrange for new locks to be installed on the house you are moving into.
e.. Defrost your refrigerator and freezer.
f.. Finalize all packing. Number each box and take notes on their contents. Also, keep items from different rooms in separate boxes.
g.. Keep in mind that heavier items deserve smaller boxes.
h.. Mark any items that should be handled with care.
i.. Pack bags of clothing and toiletries to take with you rather than send with the mover.
j.. Have the carpet steam cleaned.
k.. Also put together a box of items which could be useful for the day of the move. This might include such items as scissors, a utility knife, paper plates and towels, toilet paper, drinks, cups, soap, band aids, headache tablets, tea towels, rubbish bags and small toys for children.

Moving day

a.. Remove all remaining food from your refrigerator and freezer.
b.. Clean out cupboards, sweep the floors and ensure the house is tidy for its next inhabitant.
c.. Double check rooms, cupboards, drawers, shelves, outdoor areas and the garage to make sure you've taken everything.
d.. Turn off all services, including the mains switch and taps.
b.. Lock all windows and doors securely.
f.. Leave the old house keys with the real estate agent for collection by the new inhabitant.
g.. Check to see if all the services are on and appliances are working in your new home.
h.. Check off each box as it comes off the truck.
i.. Register for voting in the new electorate.
j.. Visit your new post office to see whether they are holding any mail for you.
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